Ocean Technologies

From sophisticated navigational tracking tools, geophysical surveying, to underwater acoustics, Precise Design has extensive experience in ocean technologies that need to operate in harsh marine environments

We provide innovative solutions for design, prototype, and production build equipment for a broad range of ocean science applications. A large part of our success in this industry has been in underwater housings made from different materials and procedures  to house electronics and scientific instruments. These housings typically require pressure release mechanisms as well as multiple electrical connections to transmit power or data. With each design, pressure and corrosion factors need to be a top priority in the choice of material is key for the environment. Designs also consider the required mechanical trays to hold printed circuit boards and battery packs. Each instrument housing also needs to be attached or anchored to a mooring or submersible and these design constraints need to be considered.

Experience: Acoustics, sensors, tracking equipment, data loggers, assemblies, mooring systems, remote sensing, pressure testing, ROV instrument racks, and optic sensors, and machined components.

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